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Point Forge was founded in Morgantown, WV in 2018 by Erik Thornberg, Jonathan Efaw, and Viral Sign. We all have a passion for technology and want to make it more accessible to everyone. We noticed that laser scanning and 3D modeling were often only in reach of large national or multi-state firms because of the equipment and personnel costs associated with them. That’s when we decided to change that by reducing the cost of entry for those services to allow more people to take advantage of the benefits they can provide. Our team loves what they do, and our work reflects that. We look forward to working with you!

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Many times, in the design and construction industries, time and money are a scarce resource on a project. What better way to save on both than to bring the site to you. With a laser scan or model of the structure or site that you are working on, you save on the cost of travel, human error, and time spent in the field; leaving you more time for decision making and other more important aspects of the process that your time is better spent on. Our clients report an average cost savings of 50-60% on their field and measure up time by utilizing laser scanning and 3D modeling in their workflows.

Jonathan Efaw, CLT

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Viral Singh, Co-Founder

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