Point Forge works with Architects to make the design process smoother and easier. A laser scan or 3D Model of existing site conditions eliminates the need for multiple field visits to the project and costly travel time. Having a point cloud of the project in the office lets you spend more time collaborating on design while skipping the time-consuming process of site measurement and photo documentation. Pointclouds and animations also make a great impression on clients and stakeholders, often getting them excited and helping them understand your vision for the project.

Point Forge +

The more complex the space, the more benefit there is to having a scan performed on site. Mechanical rooms and complex structures can take days or weeks to properly measure, but scanning them can reduce this time and budget cost by 60-80% according to our clients.

  • Scan to REVIT
  • PointCloud Creation
  • BIM Modeling
  • Conceptual Design Rendering
  • Photorealistic Virtual Walkthroughs