Scoping a renovation project quickly and effectively is a difficult task that takes valuable time away from key staff in the construction industry. An incorrect material quantity or cut location can spell disaster for a project budget and client satisfaction. By collecting a laser scan of the project, you can remove the liability of those errors and the time it takes to measure and scope the project. The faster you can get into the renovation work, the faster the project is completed to satisfy your client and let you move on to the next. In a time sensitive industry like construction, the more projects you can complete in a season means more cashflow and more clients. Who wouldn’t want more of those.

Point Forge +

Point Forge staff has extensive experience working with construction professionals to ensure their work goes smoothly. Whether it’s a pre-construction scan to make sure the correct amount of materials are ordered, or a post-construction model as a form of digital insurance to document that the project was completed to plan; Point Forge has you covered.

  • Cabinet Casework Dimensions
  • Wall Thickness
  • Multi-Story Vertical Alignment
  • Floor Plans
  • 3D Modeling
  • Conceptual Rendering
  • Virtual Tours