Point Forge works with Engineers to provide accurate conditions of existing sites to make decision making and calculations more precise and well-informed. Conventional methods of data collection often leave large areas of generalizations and approximations in the initial condition assessment. Point clouds provide a more thorough picture of reality, allowing you to have more accurate materials quantities without missing important small details on site. Our staff has worked with civil engineers on land development, oil & gas, and transportation projects for several years and know how to serve the design process to make it quicker and more efficient.

Point Forge +

It is difficult to capture everything that you need to know about a site or structure that you will be doing designing or upgrading. Utilizing 3D scanning and modeling removes most of the human error by collecting everything visible about the project. Missing items like wire heights and bolt patterns can add up very fast in the project budget with return visits to the site. Let us help to make the process easier for you and give you more information to base your design from.

  • Point Cloud Creation
  • General Layout Drafting
  • Slope and Grade Fault Detection
  • Tunnel Conformity Checks