Point Forge provides its clients in the AEC industry with a way to view their projects in the office to make better informed decisions without the asses cost of travel and time on site. Whether it be 3D scanning a building for renovations, modeling a whole city block for a study, or making an animation of a concept project to show the board of directors; point forge has all of your 3D needs covered.

Conceptual Modeling + Rendering

In the design industries, sometimes the most difficult part of the process is getting others to see your vision for the project when it hasn’t been built. We help our clients achieve this by taking your plans and turning them into realistic renderings of the finished product. This helps your team and clients see what the end result will look like to provide feedback and approval, keeping the process going smoothly with no surprises.


  • Creating a conceptual render of the finished design or design options helps clients and asset owners visualize and make decisions based on what the final outcome may look like.
  • Conceptual renders often move the design process along with valuable feedback from the asset owner.

Industries That Use Conceptual Modeling + Rendering

3D modeling and rendering is becoming an integral part of any design process. Teams across all phases of the project can benefit from the 3D modeling advantage for keeping their projects ahead of schedule, under-budget, and in-demand.