Point Forge provides its clients in the AEC industry with a way to view their projects in the office to make better informed decisions without the asses cost of travel and time on site. Whether it be 3D scanning a building for renovations, modeling a whole city block for a study, or making an animation of a concept project to show the board of directors; point forge has all of your 3D needs covered.

Digital Walkthroughs, Flythroughs + VR

Point Forge uses 3D models, animation software, and 3D engines to create virtual tours, walkthroughs, and flythroughs of the site. Animations take the conceptual renderings a step further, allowing them to come to life for a true feel of how the project will look when complete. This can be taken a step further when converted into VR and 3D engine technology to allow the client/asset owner to virtually walk through the finished site and swap design concepts in real-time.


  • Creating a virtual tour or flythrough of a project or conceptual design sets firms a step above their competition.
  • Presenting conceptual flythroughs early in the bid process makes a fantastic impression of ability on the awarding asset owner, and could greatly influence their decision when awarding contracts.

Industries That Use Digital Walkthroughs, Flythroughs + VR

Digital walkthroughs and animations serve anyone that needs to get an idea across or show others their concept. Many bids for projects are one based on who can shoe the most compelling design that is easily understood by their clients. This is where having a modern animation or VR walkthrough can greatly improve the chances of others understanding your vision and awarding you with the project.