Point Forge provides its clients in the AEC industry with a way to view their projects in the office to make better informed decisions without the asses cost of travel and time on site. Whether it be 3D scanning a building for renovations, modeling a whole city block for a study, or making an animation of a concept project to show the board of directors; point forge has all of your 3D needs covered.

Pointcloud Creation

Point Forge utilizes 3D laser scanners and photography to create a 3D pointcloud from measurements taken in and around the structure. The individual scans are stitched together in a process called registration to create one unified “pointcloud” composed of millions of single points. This pointcloud creates an accurate 3-dimensional representation of the existing conditions of the project.


  • Pointclouds allow office personnel to virtually visit the site whenever they may need. Saving time and cost during the design process.
  • When sites are scanned, very little is overlooked or missed because the sensor captures all the data in its field of view.
  • Pointclouds greatly reduce the risk of human error in conducting field measurements.

Industries That Use Pointcloud Creation

Any industry that works on complex spaces and large sites can find benefits from using point clouds. From HVAC installation to large scale industrial complex designs, accurate site documentation is a key component to a successful project.