Point Forge provides its clients in the AEC industry with a way to view their projects in the office to make better informed decisions without the asses cost of travel and time on site. Whether it be 3D scanning a building for renovations, modeling a whole city block for a study, or making an animation of a concept project to show the board of directors; point forge has all of your 3D needs covered.

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM is the process that Point Forge employs to create BIM (Building Information Models) from pointclouds. Once a point cloud has been collected, Point Forge reverse engineers a 3D BIM model from the data to create an accurate representation of field conditions. During the process, data from the scanner is fused with data derived from photos and field inspection to produce an intelligent model that is ready to integrate into 3D design softwares seamlessly.


  • Scan to BIM allows for creation of plans that were either non-existent or lacking, or the field verification of existing plans prior to renovation.
  • Scan to BIM helps prevent unforeseen expenses caused by modifications or clashes between existing conditions and design.

Industries That Use Scan to BIM

BIM models allow architects, systems integrators, and construction teams to collaborate on project execution and see the work of the other teams to efficiently work around one another without clashes or slow downs in the schedule.